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How to Give any Business or Brand Instant Personality

How to Give any Business or Brand Instant Personality

It is of paramount importance that every business or brand has a persona. The personality exhibited by a business is what will lead to concrete connection between them and their customers. It is difficult for any business to have a loyal following or brand to develop fanatic fan base unless their personality is in tandem with those of their customers.

Fortunately enough, it is possible to give any business personality and make it connect better with the audiences for brand enhancement and eventual growth of the company. Use these tips to inject business personality in any brand you have in mind.

Use a consistent voice

The essence of injecting personality into your business is to make your consumers feel that they are dealing with a real human being and not just a name or a brand. One way of achieving this is to have a consistent voice that is replicated each time the customers come into contact with your business.

For instance, if your company employs the use of a jovial mood or a lighthearted approach when doing business, then using jokes and humor in the business will be more appropriate. This should not just be reflected in your website and other marketing materials alone, but also across the major channels where you get to interact with your clients such as the social media platform.

Inconsistent voice will do nothing but confuse the customers who prefer to deal with people, brands and businesses they can trust. Additionally, being inconsistent might portray an erratic personality, and this might make people keep their distance from your business. Therefore, a consistent voice is important when building your brand personality.

Respond to customers and followers as soon as possible

The other way to create an instant brand personality for your business is always to be prompt in your response whenever an inquiry or a comment comes in from the social sites. You have already given a voice to your business and consumers now know that there is a real person behind the logo or the site they are purchasing from.

You will soon start to receive question seeking further information or more details on the products and service you offer. This is an excellent chance to utilize the brand voice in creating a cohesive business personality by responding to your customers and followers in the shortest time possible.

In this manner, your customers or followers will feel engaged and important, and you will portray the brand as an organized entity that can be relied upon for quality products and services. Eventually, you will be successful in injecting the right brand personality to your business.

Be friendly to other brands

Through the social media, it is possible for your brand to be friends with other brands and companies. This is crucial when it comes to enhancing your brand personality. It is because you will surround yourself with likeminded brands and business hence your consumers will not feel distracted when interacting with you.

The other reason for being friendly to other businesses and brands when building your brand personality is that consumers also pay attention to those whom you interact with, and they will be interested to see that you are not behaving like an island by isolating yourself from the rest. Therefore, make friends with other brands and business if you want to enhance your brand personality.

Where is the home of your brand or business?

Brand personality can’t be realized if the business brand has no home. A home is where followers, fans, consumers, and clients can come to when they need to know more about the company and its products and services. In most cases, the home is usually the company blog.

A blog gives you the chance to post great content to reflect on your brand’s voice when providing useful information to your consumers and fans. You can also engage with the consumers on the blog when they comment on your posts and within a very short time of doing so, you will realize a positive improvement in your brand personality.

Other businesses and brands prefer to use the social media to create a home but such platforms are limiting, and you can’t do a lot with them compared to your business blog.

Use video and images to express the business or brand personality

Using relevant images and videos on your website and across various marketing materials is a sure way of creating a brand personality. This is because videos and images allow you to add visual dimension to your business and based on the content, consumers can have useful insights on what your values and principles are as a brand. The brand personality will thus be shaped very much by the kinds of videos and images you share with your consumers and followers.


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