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Royalty free fonts are all over the place!

Using Royalty free fonts can help you turn around your designs from good to great. But it is important for every designer to realize that certain fonts usually come with usage restrictions, and you may be prohibited from using them for commercial purposes. It is very important to take note of such copyright issues as ignoring them may be a catalyst to a long drawn legal battle with the respective copyright owners.

As a designer, however, you should not restrict your creativity prowess for the fear of running into legal problems when searching for fonts online. There are several places on the internet where you can find plenty of Royalty free fonts you can use for any commercial project. The only caveat to using these kinds of fonts is that they may not be of the very best quality, but if you do a little bit of digging and searching, you will find a good number of them that will fit your design purposes. Listed below are the various sources you can use to find several royalty free fonts for your projects-:

Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts is one of the few places where you will find fonts that are not just free, but also very cool for design. It presents you with a powerful search tool to let you search for the various fonts based on the names, as well as tags such like 3D, curly, comic, wave, college, cursive, etc. Urban Fonts has over 8,000 royalty free fonts as well as a few premiums ones available for purchase.


Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a powerful resource where you find an extensive range of fonts, ranging from calligraphic to Sans serif. It has awesome filtering capabilities to let you search for the fonts based on attributes such as those ideal for eBooks, print designs, desktop and mobile applications amongst others. The other beauty of Font Squirrel as a source of royalty free fonts is that it groups them according to various formats such as distressed, contemporary, retro, all caps and many others. The resource has more than 264 unique fonts


1001 Fonts

1001 fonts is one the oldest sources for royalty free fonts having been around since 1998. It has an extensive database of fonts, and it lets you search for the fonts based on any criteria you may have in mind. Though the name alludes to it having just only 1001 fonts, you will be surprised to learn that there are more than 6,000 royalty free fonts in this place.


Lost Type Fonts

Lost Type is not just a nice place to find lots of royalty free fonts, but also, it is a great resource for finding other fun graphic elements all presented in a nicely laid out interface. The site has over 50 fonts that you can download for free, and it also has a provision for you to set your pricing if you want anyof the premium fonts available. It simply implies that you can pay whatever price you feel appropriate for any font you would like to purchase.


Hype for Type

Hype for Type is a premium commercial font site, but it also has an enviable collection of royalty free fonts that are worth considering. With a collection of close to 100 choices, it has something for everyone irrespective of the types of design you have. It is also worth mentioning that Hype for Types has a fun feature that lets you play around with the various fonts you have selected so that you see the kind of flexibility they can offer you.


Google Fonts

It is surprising to note that the world’s biggest search engine is also a source for royalty free fonts. Google Fonts brings you more than 600 royalty free fonts that designers can download and implement o their designs. Though the site has a good number of free fonts, it is recommended that you double check to confirm the usage policy of the fonts, owing to a large number of creators submitting their fonts to this resource. The site also has filters to make it easy for you to search and locate the particular fonts you want.



DaFont is another cool resource that every designer interested in getting royalty free fonts should know. It doesn’t just offer you with a huge collection featuring over 23,000 fonts, but also, it categorizes the fonts according to style thus making it easy for you to search for and download the various fonts you are interested in using. For instance, if you are searching for the right fonts for a logo project, you simply head over to the logo tab, and it will give you a wide range of fonts suitable for use in logo design.

These are only a few of some of the places where you can find royalty free fonts on the internet. Thoughthere are others, these will suffice for most of your design work. However, feel free to research further and discover others so that you increase your list of font resources.Royalty free fonts

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