You Should Know You are a Graphic Designer If…

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Being a graphic designer is more of a talent. When you have it inside you, you can always feel it and desire to express your creativity even in the most subtle ways you can. But graphics design is also a skill and like with every other skill, you can learn it over time and become perfect at it.

Perhaps you have the urge to become a graphics designer or you already are, but you are still not sure if it is the thing you want to do. You will never know unless you take your time to try out your skills and see what you come up with. In the meantime, you should know you are a graphics designer if you experience or do the following-:

You judge a store based on their logo

If you are the kind of person who will look at a store’s logo and use that to inform your decision of whether or not to purchase from the store, know immediately that you are a graphics designer. Maybe the logo turns you off with the images they use. Maybe they are done in a manner that is not appealing to you hence you don’t want anything associated with the store. When you see the logo, your graphic design mind goes to work. It does a subconscious evaluation on the logo so you can tell if it is a terrible logo and leave the store.

You see design everywhere you go

Are you the kind of person that notices the font and the layout on the menu at your favorite restaurant? Does it bother you that the labels at the grocery store are rather big and user unfriendly? And do you feel that the branding on your favorite clothing line appeals to you in a special way?

If you are such a person, you should probably consider taking a career as a graphic designer more seriously. You know you are a graphics designer when you see designs everywhere you go. You not only see them but critique them and think of better ways which they could have been made greater if you feel that they are of mediocre quality.

You enjoy findings solutions to problems

Graphics designers are obsessed with trying to make the world around them more efficient. They are some kind of perfectionists who prefer to search for clear solutions to the problems they encounter on daily basis. If you are this person who finds that the tables at the bus terminus are rather complicated and, in turn, confusing travelers, then you are a graphics designer.

Also, if you find that the maps are complicated and make it difficult for you to find your way around, then you could make a very good graphics designer. Remember, hundreds of people use those tables and maps every day without every noticing anything wrong with them. And since you can notice the anomalies and think of better solutions, it shows that you are a very instinctive graphics designer.

You naturally appreciate good designs

You also know you are a graphics designer when you can notice good designs and appreciate them for the various elements of greatness they have. You are ready to accept that some designs are better than yours, and you are willing to take inspirations from them to apply and enhance your design skills.

You have a yearning to learn more

Perfection in graphic design comes by blending natural creativity and learning. With the advent of the internet, the graphics design industry moves very fast with many tools and styles being discovered. A proficient designer, therefore, needs to update their knowledge constantly and continue perfecting their natural skills in design. If you are the kind of person that is always eager to learn new things and stay at the top of the industry as far as graphic design is concerned, then you are a true graphic designer.

You are competitor

If you discover that you like competing with yourself, and you always want to become a better you with each design, then know that you are a graphic designer. You don’t have to compete with others or take part in design competitions. But you feel defeated when you think that you could have done a better job.

You have a genuine interest in the latest design trends

Professional designers know trends never last and they never form the basis of their designs. However, if you find that you have a genuine interest in learning about the recent trends in design, then you might as well be a graphics designs. Your aim is not to follow the trends and apply them in all your designs, but you are trying to get clues and inspirations and also have a general feel on where the industry is headed to.

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