What to Do When a Client Is Not Happy With Your Design

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What to do When a Client is not happy with your Design

During your career as a designer, there will be certain times when clients will show less appreciation for the work you have done to them. In some instances, some clients will reject your work and even ask that you give them refunds. As a professional designer, these are normal occurrences, having in mind that design is a very subjective matter, where two people will always see the same thing differently.

What matters is your ability to win over the dejected client, and make them see and understand your vision so that they can approve your designs. This should not be a very difficult task if you have been in the industry for a while, but for the very new in design, here is what you should do when a client is not convinced with your design:

Confidence is important

In the face of rejection by a client, you must keep you head high with the full confidence knowing you are the professional and you’ve got things under control. Any sign of lack of confidence will only cement your client’s fears about your incompetence, and it will be very difficult to win them over again.

In all your explanation to the client, maintain your sharpness, speak with a strong but gentle voice, and make the client believe that you indeed know what you are talking about and that they are in safe hands when dealing with you. If you can prove to the client that you are confident, they will have faith in you and be convinced that you have what it takes to do the job.

Explain your thought process

A client is likely to disagree with your piece of work if they don’t understand how you did what you did. To overcome this, all you need to do is to explain to them your thought process in simple terms. You don’t have to go deep into the technicalities of the design to achieve this. The best approach is to refer to the project brief, and then tell the client what you did according to their initial requirements.

When you do this, you will be throwing the ball back to their court by showing them that you did exactly what they asked you to do. For instance, if they are worried about your choice of fonts and colors, refer them back to their target audience then justify your use of the various fonts and colors in the design.

Give them examples to back your arguments

The other way of convincing a client and making them believe in your design is to show them some of your past works that were applauded by other clients. If it is a design concept you can’t agree on, look for other great designs that used the same concept to show them that you are really on the right track, and there is no cause for alarm.

This will make you appear more legitimate and as someone who understands what he is doing. If they can have past references in this manner, it will be easy for them to trust you and accept your designs.

Give assurance and guarantees

Client rejections are likely to ensue whenever your skills and expertise is in doubt by the client. To overturn this, all you have to do is to prove that you are indeed a professional with the capability of producing a good design. You do this by giving them assurance that you will use all your skills, experience and expertise to do whatever it takes to deliver a great product. Also, open up to them and tell them that you will offer revisions until they are fully satisfied with the design. When they are assured of the services they will be getting from you, their chances of rejecting your design will be very low.

Offer them options – theirs and yours

In instances when you encounter very rigid clients who want you to implement their designs to the tee even if you know very well that it won’t be the correct thing to do, simply give in but offer them two options. Design what they want using their skewed concept then design your own, taking into account all the professional consideration they refused to take in, then show them both designs. In this case, they will feel in control and at the same you shall have shown them your vision, and it will be easier for them to adopt you design once they see their flaws.

Learn how to pick your battles wisely

You should remember that you will not always win such battles with clients. Know that you are being paid to do what the client wants. Offer your professional opinions diligently and respectfully and try as much as possible to please the client. But also know when to take a step back and let the clients have their way.

Keep our top tips for satisfying tough clients in mind to guide you further! 

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