New Logo Design Trends for the Year 2016

New Logo Design Trends for 2016

The art and science of logo design trends keep on changing with each and every year. This is necessitated by the need to provide more quality and robustness in the design so that they can be in tandem with the changing behaviors of the target audiences. Additionally, the technological advancements also make certain design practices to be obsolete with time since there are new media through which to view the logos and which must also be considered in the design.

It is appalling to note that logo designs that might have looked gorgeous five years ago may not make the same impact in the present times. However, with the changing trends, it is imperative that designers stick to the core logo design principles because principles never change. A logo design based on a fad will appeal only for the present, but when your design is based on the fundamental principles, it will stand the test of time and still look awesome for decades to come.

Without much further ado, let us delve into some of the new logo design trends that are expected to dominate designs in the year 2016-:

Increased use of dynamic color palettes

In 2015, Google fired what many professionals have termed as a warning shot in the design industry when they rebranded using a functional and dynamic color palette. This is an indication that there is a major shift already going on in the design world, especially with the leading corporate organizations as they try to make their logos more appealing by using dynamic color palettes.

It is true that dynamic design is not a new concept, but when you see the giants starting to adopt it once again, it is just a matter of time before other designers pick up on these  logo design trends and we might see an influx of such logos in the year 2016.

Use of Negative Space in Logo design

There is increased adoption of the use of negative space in design, and this is expected to gain more momentum as the year wears on. The effectiveness of a log lies in its simplicity and the ability to communicate the central marketing message to the audiences. When you can achieve more than these, then you are bound to achieve more from the logo and make it very successful. Negative space gives the audience a chance to get more intelligent meanings from the logo hence it creates a huge impact on them. Additionally, negative space also has certain design advantages other than the simplicity. For instance, printing a large scale logo with negative space is less problematic as printing a similar logo without negative space. These are some of the reasons why we can expect to continue seeing more logos designed with negative space.

Handmade Logos

Handmade logos have been trending for several years now, and this is another logo design trend we can expect to continue in popularity in 2016. Handmade logos look very authentic, and they have a way of displaying a sense of intimacy or personal touch. Even within the handmade logos niche, there are some that have been designed in a manner that they look more of a “hybrid” whereas there are still others that don’t seem to be truly handmade but again they are not digital. However, within the variations, they still do a perfect job in displaying the kind of charm associated with handmade logos.

Mix and Match Logos

Mix and Match is not just a concept in the fashion design industry, but it is now one of the strong logo design trends we are looking at in 2016. It involves the mixing and matching of different typefaces as well as colors to come up truly unique and effective logo designs. It is also a new design style, but it is resurfacing at a stronger pace as designers are finding more creative and interesting ways to use the style. It has provided and alternative route to escape from the usual note connotations while at the same time introducing playfulness but in a professional manner in the design of logo.

Flat Designs

Flat design is a logo design trend that is not just about to go away but is expected to get more fans in 2016. Though considered an old style as far as logo design trends are concerned, flat designs have a unique way of providing forthright and clean designs that can easily render in most of the devices. As a logo design trend, flat designs have proven to load much faster, and they also offer a lot of flexibility to the designers through the ease of using various patterns, shadows, textures and gradients to allow for simple lines as well as great color schemes. Watch for this logo design trend as we see some of the corporate giants start to rebrand using flat designs.


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