Best Logo Design Software for Windows

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Best Logo Design Software for Windows

While most people swear by Macintosh as a means for some most popular logo design software, many people utilize windows because it’s much cheaper to build a performance logo creation machine on Windows hardware. Well many people own Windows-based computers and tablets only a few professionals designers utilize them actually prefer them to their Macintosh counterparts. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t value on the Windows-based PC however in the form of logo design software. The Windows-based platform has many different compatible types of software available for design it’s just the working nature of the components in Windows based PC that can make the process of rendering images a little bit longer and the lack of licenses with stock Windows PCs that will make the cost of design software a little more.

Overall the cost of Windows-based hardware and upgrades is exponentially cheaper than a full Macintosh system so as a result it’s about the same cost either way. While not all of the same software is available on a Windows-based platform, many of the industry professional software that’s used by graphic designers every day in logo design is available to Windows users. Here are some the best Windows-based logo design software options on the market today.

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is really the premiere program for creating vector graphics. While there are a number of programs available for purchase and even a number of programs available for free that you can use for creating vectors, not many feature the same amount of tools that come stock with Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is one of the most proficient programs for creating artwork and designs for graphic designers but it can be a little bit intimidating for beginners. With plenty of tutorials available online however the Windows-based version of Adobe Illustrator features a massive amount of support to all users. The program even includes a variety of templates and help to guide you through the process of creating your first logo or for learning various elements of the program during your first project. The full licensed version of this best logo design software for Windows is incredibly integrated. Adobe Illustrator features support for creative cloud, anchor point enhancements, and tools and CSS extraction. The best part about using this logo design software for Windows is that its possible to export your designs for a variety of reproductions with industry-standard file types. Adobe Illustrator is definitely the premiere program available to those interested in professional logo design and it’s one of the top recommended programs for windows designers it’s important to remember however that the full license for this product can start around $250 for a year of access.

Corel Draw:

Corel Draw is another extremely effective and popular tool for creating vector images. Corel is also heavily directed towards beginner designers with a number of editing tools and light drawing tools for creating simple vectors as well as editing vector images. Corel is heavily favored among Windows users for design software because it can work very well at creating vibrant logo designs. The various tools inside this logo design software for Windows includes; PhotoPaint, power trace, capture tools and more. This means that users can take basic photos and quickly turn them into animations and vector images without much issue. With the ability to import photos and basic clipart images as a base guide it really speeds the process of creation making this the perfect option for those that don’t have much training in art or much experience using graphic design software.

Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is available on both Macintosh and PC formats and it’s one of the best image editors available online. Why doesn’t have all of the same logo design features that come with illustrator Adobe Photo
shop is perfect for doing some initial designing and retouching for 3-D graphics and logos. Photoshop is somewhat of a costly tool but there are several different versions of Photoshop available that can help you to save money on your license fees. When it comes to exporting and vector files and high-quality image files, Photoshop may not offer the same degree of support as illustrator but it can allow you to create extremely detailed image files as well as perform quick edits with a variety of textures, color levels, filters and more. Adobe Photoshop can be an intimidating program to use especially for a beginner but experts often turn to at first when it comes to creating mockups of new products.

Jeta Logo Designer:

Jeta is a Windows only design software that makes the process of logo creation simple. By using a variety of different templates and colors it’s possible that you can create quick vectors and logos using this software. This is ideal for beginners but it’s not a recommended program if you are looking for professional logo. The Jeta Logo designer zip file is free to try and fun to play around with but when it comes to actually representing your business with a professional quality logo, it’s always best to use industry-standard design software for Windows rather than template providers.

Keep these top Windows-based design programs in mind if you are trying to pick the best program for creating high-quality logos.

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