Ten Famous Brand Logos That Everyone Instantly Recognizes

Ten Famous Brand Logos Everybody Knows.

The visual appeal of famous brand logos have the potential to create a winner in the eyes of the discerning consumer as far as logos are concerned. Logos play the important role of serving as indicators of loyalty, togetherness values throughout the operations of the business.

In many occasions, the sight of a logo is usually a reminiscent of a product or a service that you have seen, used or interacted with in the past. For instance, whenever you see McDonald’s logo, you immediately remember the French fries and the big macs. A sight of BMW on the other hand will remind you of the sleek cars made by the Germans. Similarly, seeing Google Logo will remind you of the internet giant and make you want to search for answers in the internet. Apart from being reminders, logos also act like triggers to certain emotions that are invoked whenever you think about the concerned companies.

Presented here is a list of the top ten famous brand logos that most if not everyone will instantly recognized. The logos may have gone a great deal of transformation from the initial time they were introduced by the companies, but they have maintained the lustrous visual appeal and are incredibly popular all over the world.

  1. Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest retail giants all times and will be recognized by virtually everyone in the United States. Walmart’s logo has undergone a number of alterations ever since its introduction in 1962 and it still remains one of the most famous logos to this day. The current logo, redesigned in 2008, features the name “Walmart” with a yellow spark at the end.

  1. Google

Google’s first logo was designed by one of the founders of the company using a graphics program known as GIMP. It was a rough rendition of what is now one of the most famous brand logos in the world. Initially, the logo featured an exclamation mark to copy the YAHOO! logo but this was later removed in 2011 when the current one was introduced.

  1. Burger King

The Burger King logo is another famous brand logo that’s likely to be recognized by everyone in the United States. It started with a simple logotype of “Burger King” way back in 1954 and it has undergone close to four revisions with the current one featuring two bun halves with the words “Burger King” written in between with everything being encompassed with a blue ring.

  1. McDonald’s

Initially, McDonald’s was known as McDonald’s Famous Barbeques and this was reflected in the original logo designed in 1948. Following subsequent names change, the logos have also been evolving in a similar manner with the current one featuring two golden arches forming the letter “M”. With the popularity of the franchise, this logo is sufficient to remind everyone what McDonald’s is all about and it is now of the famous brand logos in the world.

  1. Mercedes Benz

The initial logo by Mercedes Benz featured the logotype of “Mercedes” in an oval shape. The current one features an iconic three pointed silver star with a simple ring surrounding its tip. It symbolizes the manufacturer’s ambition for motorization on air, land and sea.

  1. Pepsi

Pepsi is without a doubt one of the most famous brand logos. No explanation is needed to introduce what this logo is all about. It has gone a number of alterations from the original one which featured the logotype of “Pepsi Cola” written in red. The logo has been modified more than five times with each modification resulting into more sleek and defined logo.

  1. Apple

Apple is another logo that makes it to the list of famous brand logos. The initial logo was inspired by Newton’s discovery of gravity and it featured an image of Newton and an apple falling down from the tree and the words, “Apple Computer Co”. This was a rather complicated design and under the instructions of Steve Jobs, it was replaced with a rainbow-stripped apple, illustrating the computer’s unique ability to give different colors. The present logo currently features a bite taken out of the apple and it will always remind everyone about the various products of the company.

  1. Ford

Ford’s initial logo was an embellished circle with the name and the location of the company. It has since changed to the current one featuring the famous blue oval with the writings “Ford” written in white and further circled with another white ring.

  1. Coca Cola

The first coca cola logo was a simple logotype of “Coca Cola” created in the Spencerian script typeface which was the formal handwriting back then. It was later modified to include swirls and what look like cherries hanging from the Cs. This however did not stick and the current logo is the redesign of the very initial one, which has grown to become one of the famous brand logos of all times.

  1. Nike

Finally, Nike seals the list of the most famous logo brands that everyone will instantly recognize. This sports footwear was founded in 1964 with a simple logo featuring the company’s name and the Swoosh. The swoosh went on to become one of the most loved images in the sporting world until Nike removed the company name the sole symbol of the company.

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