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Did you know that adding color to a logo can increase brand recognition for up to nearly 80%? That’s because our brains are designed to remember colorful items easier and quicker.

Based on this fact, you definitely need to pay attention when designing the logo for your next business. A logo is not only an icon displayed at the top of your website, but it’s also a way your clients can remember your products and services for the rest of their lives.

But how to design creative logos? And from where to get inspiration?

Well, the best way to come up with good logo ideas is to take a look at time-tested and hugely popular logos from famous brands. Keep reading to find out more about them and to get inspiration for creating yours.

5 Examples Of Emblematic And Creative Logos To Inspire You In 2019

It’s paramount to carefully consider the logo design process because you will eventually have to stick with it forever. You will probably make small adjustments to your logo in the upcoming years, but the basic concept needs to stay the same.

Check out the following logos to get insight.

1. Nike’s Simple Swoosh

Can you believe that Nike’s famous swoosh logo has been designed back in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson? She was a student from Portland and received lifetime recognition from Nike for her masterpiece.

The main advantage of this logo consists of its simplicity. This swoosh gives the impression of speed, sporting activities, and freedom. No wonder why Nike’s motto is “Just do it!”. At the same time, this logo also looks like the mark you’d make after an activity or item in your checklist when you completed it. Some people look at the Nike logo as the emblem of the productive people.

What we can learn from this logo is that simple icons work, as long as they describe your brand and the scope of your business. At the same time, simple logos are also the easiest to remember.

2. Steve Jobs’ Apple

The Apple logo can be recognized all over the world, whether you’re from China, Pakistan or Uruguay. This simple logo of fruit has been around for decades and encountered a few adjustments along the way, but its core principles remain the same.

Although an apple has little to do with technology (the scope of Apple business), this emblematic logo left a long-lasting impression on everyone’s mind. Whether it’s a black apple on a white background or vice-versa, you know that the product in question is made by one of the largest IT companies in the world.

How can the Apple logo inspire you? It’s easy – think outside the box! Come up with a simple icon of an object which might or might not represent the nature of your business, but which can be easily recognizable when your business takes off.

3. Under Armour’s Athlete

Under Armour is a top business focused on sporting goods and accessories. It makes fitness equipment, backpacks, bags, sports accessories, clothing items, and more. What makes the Under Armour logo so special can be discovered if you take a closer look at it.

First of all, the logo looks like a representation of an athlete with his big hands overhead and sculpted, strong legs below. Since this company focuses on fitness equipment, the icon makes a lot of sense.

At the same time, a closer visual inspection of the logo also reveals the letters “U” and “A” combined together. These obviously stand for Under Armour and lets you know the cleverness of the logo. You can do something similar for your business. Find a way to combine some of the letters in your business’ name or how to make them integrate in an ingenious and unique manner.

4. Mercedes’ Triangle Star

Mercedes doesn’t need any introduction as it’s one of the most famous car companies in the world. Mercedes is also synonymous with luxury cars and you can see that in the design of their logo.

The triangle star accurately represents the company’s motto such as “dominance over air, land, and sea”. This company’s mission is to create automotive products and vehicles which impress the customer and easily surpass the competition. The Mercedes logo emanates dignity, nobility, and superior comfort.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can also implement various classical shapes such as stars, triangles, circles (see the Olympic Games logo), etc. You can also decide whether to display the name of your business underneath or just let the icon speak for itself.

If you just started your business, you might want to also display some words next to your logo to help clients remember you easier. When your business takes off and your products become more popular, you might decide to drop the wording and use just a simple icon to reflect your brand.

5. Starbucks Badge-Like Logo

The last one in our list is the famous logo from Starbucks. This company makes one of the most popular coffee in the world and it’s known all over the globe. The siren in the Starbucks logo has been around since 1971 and it received little to no adjustments along the way.

This logo is a little more complex because it incorporates an image and two words. It’s shaped like a circle and it looks like some sort of badge, giving it an authentic vintage feel. You can draw inspiration from this type of logo and come up with a few keywords accompanied by a clever image. You can also have your entire logo shaped like a badge, especially if your business focuses on vintage/old-school products and services.

What’s Your Favorite Logo?

These are just 5 excellent creative logos to get you started. If you’re not a professional logo designer then why not working with one? We design logos for a living and can’t wait to collaborate with you.

Check out our tools of the trade and see how we design logos in our screenshot section. Once you have been inspired, contact us to discuss more about your logo design needs!

successful logo

No matter what kind of business you have, there is one thing that you can’t do without: is your logo. It’s the face of your company.

You’ll put it on everything from your merchandise to your website. So, you need a design that someone can look at and instantly connect to your business. Can you afford a designer who can do all that?

It can be hard if you’re a small startup company. The good news is that it’s not unheard of to make one yourself. To help you make a successful logo that your business can be proud of, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

1. Consider Using a Logo Maker

If you have no clue where to start with making your logo, there is no shame in starting with a logo maker. They often have a lot of nice-looking templates you can use to give yourself a little direction on which way to go with your design.

You can bring up a template in one of these programs and then sketch around it by adding or subtracting from it.

2. Keep it Flexible

Whatever design you go with, it needs to be flexible. Meaning it needs to look the same no matter where you use it. You don’t want to have one logo for your full website and then have a different one for your mobile one.

Your logo has to be something that anyone can recognize and associate with your company. It’s hard to do that if you have three different ones. You can do a few variations if you have to but the overall look needs to be the same.

It’s also easier to apply it to all your stuff if the same logo that’s on your site is on your merchandise as well.

3. Be a Minimalist

When creating your logo it’s a good idea to adopt the less is more method of looking at things. If your logo is too cluttered and busy, your audience won’t know where to focus their attention.

They need to be able to look at your logo and know what it means. If you have a lot going on or rely too much on one thing then the message may get lost.

For example, if you have a ton of color and the colors are needed to understand the logo. Your message will be lost if ever comes the time that a customer sees it in black and white.

Besides, having a sleek and simple design is a huge trend in the world of logos at the moment.

4. Be Trendy… or Not

Speaking of trendy, there are several trends that you can try out when making your logo. Many companies have been going with color gradients. Some use a lot of geometric figures.

Whatever you decide to do, be a little careful. If you go too trendy it will put a sort of an expiration date on your logo. You don’t want it to become irrelevant in a few years because you went too deep into trends.

5. Utilize Colors

Colors are one of the biggest things that you need to consider when making your logo. They can convey meaning and instill different emotions in your audience. Blue makes them calm, red is passionate and high-energy, orange makes you happy but also hungry. There are a million options.

Make sure your colors tell your company’s story the way you want it to. Again, also think about how your logo will look when viewed in black and white. As much as a logo is dependent on color, you don’t want yours to be so dependent that the entire message is lost when the color is gone.

6. Avoid Cliches

Going with trends is fine, but you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon to the point where you’re just doing what everyone else is doing. If you do that, then your logo will blend into the crowd.

This is something you don’t want because then it’s no longer recognizable. Even worse, your audience could start to confuse you with other companies.

You can, however, look at what other people are doing and use it as a stepping stone for ideas. But don’t follow them completely! After all, you don’t want to get marked for plagiarism.

7. Choose A Custom Type

One of the easiest ways for you to be unique is to have a script logo with your own custom typing. This will take a bit more work, but it’s worth it. For one, it can draw in an audience and help them recognize you. Think Coca-Cola.

Also, having original lettering can keep your logo from getting stolen. If you go with unoriginal type then it will be easy for a designer to figure out what font you’re using and copy it. It takes a lot more skill to forge lettering that’s unique to your company.

What Makes a Successful Logo

No matter what kind of business you run, you’re going to need a unique logo that can help your target audience recognize you. You’re going to be putting it on everything associated with your business after all. While you can hire a graphic designer to come in and do the job, it can be hard to do that if you’re a startup.

Use the tips that you’ve read here to make sure that you have a successful logo to market your company.

Looking for logo design software to help you in your creation process? We can help you. Check out our design program.